Baron Nalia Redgate

The Headmaster of the Redgate Academy


The best student of Baron Orin Redgate, he arranged a marriage between Nalia and his son Kato, who had no interest in continuing the Academy. After Orin passed, Nalia did shut down the academy for about 50 years, following Kato’s focus on moving away from the mystic nature. While she kept up her own studies, she did not take on students, and the Redgate academy all but disappeared.

Just after her 200th birthday, Nalia went on a long journey, and returned with a human companion, Alex, and reopened the Academy with the brilliant human as it’s next headmaster. Alex eventually learned the true history of Redgate, and insisted Nalia resume her role as headmaster. He began to run a chapter house/embassy in Solaria, and vanished soon after the civil war began 15 years ago.

Nalia does not have the same contempt many elves show towards human. Instead, she treats them like pets, but they often find the treatment belittling.

Baron Nalia Redgate

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