Rally in Vespacore

The Locks of Astaroth

Too long. Writing these in sections now.

Heading into the secret entrance, they headed through the obsidian complex, finding dead slaves all around them. Reaching the deepest areas, they found doors chained shut with giant silver locks. The wakasashi worked as a key, and they headed deeper into the temple, past where the slaves had dug.

The found themselves face to face with Astaroth, the Demon Prince of Secrets and Time. Wrapped in dark leather and addorned with Silver Locks, Astaroth inclined his head to Ty. He intimiated they had met before, and Ty learned that Tiru had accepted the taint on the soul of the original Kara the Fierce as his own. As Astaroth had tainted her soul, it was his to move. The tip of Tiru’s wakasashi protruded from the Demon’s chest, and only Ty, ,who was Tiru, could remove it and allow Astaroth to heal from the damage he had done in a previous life. Ty agreed, asking for an unspecified favour at a later date.

Astaroth then turned to Laxus and declared that a servant of Jackfrost, Demon Prince of Winter, was coming for him. When Astaroth reveals a secret, the ringing truth is evident, and Laxus asked him why he had revealed this to him. Astaroth offered to be Laxus’s patron, in exchange for his aid. Laxus agreed, and Astaroth forced him to cut out his left eye. In it’s place he set a silver lock, which flowed to fill the eye socket. The left eye would no longer close, and Astoroth could see through it.

Astroth then revealed, with his ringing truth, that the Arch-Angel Uriel was with the armies above, trying to break into this vault. It contained the Font, the place where esence left the Third World. With it, Astaroth revealed, Heaven would have the unlimited ability to power the Instrument, the thing which made the Divinely Inspired. They could raise an unstoppable army of the fiathful.

He also revealed that if they aided him, he could defeat Uriel. There was a room, deep in the complex, which would allow them to safely bring the complex crashing down on the humans inside, sacrificing them to him and allowing him the strength to defeat Uriel. They agreed, and lured as many soldiers below ground as they could, before bringing the complex down on their heads. It crashed all around the Vault, a huge multihedrel structure wrapped in silver chains and locks. Above, Uriel and his Angelic companions came at it as streaks of golden light, but purple hellfire blazed across the vault, unraveling the Arch Angel, an injury which would take Eons to recover from. Astaroth then flew off with the vault, to rehide it beyond heaven’s ken.


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