Rally in Vespacore

Church and Death

Baron Nalia Redgate welcomed the refugees to her city, and was interested in helping the Enemies of Solaria. She provided them with a residence, on the condition that they serve the Barony. She revealed that below the Acedmey in Redgate there were a series of portals, which she recommended using to evaluate the threat the Solarian Empire posed. Heliel Durian felt the best place to start was with Sacre. They travelled in two seperate groups, and observed the Holy City.

There, they found that the streets were litered with Angels. This did not bode well, because every time an Angel appears on Vespacore, it means a Demon may also materialize. They went to a public audience of Pontiff Abraham VII, who stated that the end of times was coming, and that it was the duty of the Church of Deos to accept any who would repent, to protect them from the end.

One of the Angels told Kazeem the Irredemable that he would see the end of times.

After a week, they returned to Redgate, and recieved word that Hasfeld had been attacked by Overcaptian Archimedes Demeter. He had burned Foamel and Crucix as witches. Nathaniel Durian was killed trying to protect his mother. The refugees were pursued by the Overcaptain’s company.

They set out to seek vengance. Pan Landcaster tried to approach the soldiers where they camped for the night, but he was seen by the watch. They called him over, but before he arrived, Scott the Scout, and Alec Silk attacked. They took out the watch, and Pan raised an illussion to make it seem like there was a group of wolves on the far side of the camp, and disguised Heliel as one of the guards. Heliel was shadowed by Kazeem an they moved through the camp, finding the overcaptain.

Heliel attacked Archimedes with the sword his son forged. Kazeem attacked from behind, and it looked like Archimedes might fall, but he called apon Deos, and found himself with the strength of ten. He cut Heliel down, who was kept alive by some miracle beyond explanation. Kazeem was not so lucky.


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