The End of the Worlds Begins

Strange things are afoot in Vespacore. The Solarian Emporer, Jean-Sebastion III, is attempting to expand his borders into the Tyroc Baronies, after spending the first fifteen years of his rule in civil war, crushing uprsisings from fringe religious groups and the Lypian Region. Pontiff Abraham VII preaches constantly for peace, but his Council of Cardinals continues to issue charters for more and more orders of crusaders. The Quaraldim continue to find their lands under perpetual moonrise.

Some Seers and Oracles claim the End of Times are upon Vespacore. It’s getting harder and harder to push it out of everyday life.

Note: We are using Eden Unisystem, pulling from Witchraft (avaliable for pdf download on their website) Armagedon, and All Flesh Must be Eaten. Certain rules will be changed to match the flavour of the worlds in this three part campaign

Rally in Vespacore

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