Tyroc Baronies

Capital None
Dominant Species Humans, Orcs
Dominant Religion Dwarven Relgion
Current Ruler None

The Tyroc Baronies are not a country in the traditional sense of the word, but in fact a series of small kingdoms. The ruler or any particular area will take his on title, with most being Barons, and the very ambition claiming to be Princes. It is rare to find a King, because that level of arrogance tends to attract the attention of foriegn powers.

Traditionally, the Tyroc Baronies were the lands of Orcish hordes. They have been pushed back from the coasts, and tend to inhabit the mountains and the deep woods. They tend to view any human approaching as a threat.


Government is whatever the local ruler has put in place. There are many communities made on ideas here, where a leader with an idea of how to live took followers to a land without law for a social experiment. There are traditional heriditary monarchies, democracies, theocracies, mageocracies, oligarchies, collectivist compounds, and all manner of strange, unique systems of rule.

Tyroc Titles and Ranks

These are only guidelines, as any community can make their own titles. However, these are what is assumed by outsiders.

Price: Highness (Status 6)
Duke/Duchess: Grace(Status 5)
Earl: Lordship (Status 4)
Viscount: Lordship (Status 3)
Baron: Lordship(Status 2)
Knight/Mayor/Elder: Lordship (Status 1)


This again varies from Barony to Barony. Some are strict, well organized armies. Other areas have little more than ragtag militias. In the case of an organized invasion by most major powers, Tyroc would fall, piece by piece.





Tyroc Baronies

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