Solarian Empire

Capital Caer Sol
Dominant Species Humans
Dominant Religion Church of Deos
Current Ruler Emporer Jean Sebastian Solaria II

Sometimes called the Empire of the Sun, there were originally several countries on this continent; Gyptia, Lympia, DuLac, and Solaria. Helios, the king of Lympia, attacted and conquered Gyptia, to form the first Empire of the Sun. He then conquered DuLac and Solaria. His descendants ruled for 400 years, and when his dynasty ended, the High Lord Ral of Gyptia managed to seize the throne, for the next 200 years. Under the tyranic rule of Emporer Seth Ra III, a rebellion rose up in Solaria, and when the dust settled, Emporer Charles I took the throne, at the start of the Solarian Dynasty. The Empire always caries the name of the ruling dynasty.


The Emporer holds ultimate power, and is advised by the Imperial Senate, made up of the nobles from the various regions. They also inact the laws the Emporer has handed down. The regions each have a Governor, who commands the various High Houses, noble families responible for each district, which the region is divided into. Below the High Houses, are the noble houses, which adminstor the districts the provinces are further devided into. The head of a noble house is considered on par with the members of a High House

Imperial Titles and Ranks

Emporer: Excellency (Status 8)
Imperial Family (Empress, Imperial Princes/Princess, Imperial Lords and Ladies): Majesty (Status 7)
Governor: Majesty (Status 6)
Senator: Highness (Status 5)
High Lord: Highness (Status 4)
Member of a High House: Grace (Status 3)
Lord of a Noble House: Honour (Status 2)
Member of a Noble House: Milord/Lady (Status 1)


The Military is divided into the Imperial Foot, the Imperial Lance, and the Imperial Navy. The first two are armies, and the Navy is divided into fleets. The nobility of the Empire, as part of their taxes, are required to provide soldiers to the Imperial Forces. In theory, the forces are loyal only to his Excellency, but in practice there are always armies more loyal to a lower point of power.

The Lord General is the Imperial Office responsible for handling the various forces. For the past 150 years, this position has been held by a member of the High House of Guito, but this is tradition, not law.


Lord General: Commander of all Forces for the Emporer. (Rank 6)
High General/Admiral: The head of each of the three branches, responsible for all armies and fleet under them. (Rank 5)
General/Admiral: In charge of an army or a fleet, approximately 10000 soldiers. (Rank 4)
Colonel/Vice Admiral: In charge of a division, approximately 1500 soldiers) (Rank 4)
Commander: In Charge of a brigade, approx 800 (Rank 3)
Majer: In Charge of a Batalion, approx 400 (Rank 3)
Lieutenant: In Charge of a Company, 180 (Rank 3)
OverCaptain/Commodore: In Charge of multiple Platoons (Rank 2)
Captain: In Charge of at least at least 2 platoons 40 men Minimum rank for own ship((Rank 2)
UnderCaptain/First Mate: Serving a capatin, in charge of a platoon (Rank 2)
Squad Leader/Mate: In charge of a squad, 10 men (Rank 1)
Lancer/Soldier/Sailor: Standard professional soldier (Rank 0)
Conscript: A member of the military forced into servic (Rank -1)

Solarian Empire

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