Capital Sacre
Dominant Species Humans
Dominant Religion Church of Deos
Current Ruler Pontiff Abraham VII

Sacre is the Earthly seat of Deos, and the home of the Pontiff. It is a country in so much as Avelot, parts of the Tyroc Baronies and later Solaria refuse to impose their will upon the church. Sacre is mostly a city, with the surrounding countryside reporting to it. The city itself sees masses of pilgrams each year, and is the headquarters of most Crusader groups.


While the Pontiff is officially the head of the Church, and thus Sacre, various cardinals handle the day to day operations of the city, with the helps of secular assistance where necessary.

Sacred Titles and Ranks

(These are both national ranks, and those within the church across the world.

Pontiff: Holiness (Status 8)

Patriach: Solaria and Tyroc each have an Patriach. Sacre has one that leads the college of Cardinals, and there is an Patriach of the Elder races, who handles ministries to elves and Dwarves. There is one for the forgotten realms, countries not civilized enough to need a Caridnal (Vienmarsch, Hills of Ruin, Golgaria, Gyrian Wastes). The King of Avelot is considered to also be the Patriach of that holy land. Beatitude (Status 7)

Arch-Bishop: Excellency(Status 6)
Cardinal: Grace(Status 5)
Primate: Most Reverend(Status 4)
Bishop: Right Reverand(Status 3)
Deacon: Venerable(Status 2)
Pator/Priest: Father (Status 1)


The only formal military in Sacre is the Pontiff’s Scarlett Guard, charged with his personal protection. There is never more than 1000 Scarlett Guard, and it is the highest order of Crusaders.

Sacre has never come under direct military attack. Too many major kingdoms would retatliate. No greater organized military has been organized. Most crusaders will follow the orders of the lowest Pastor or any member of the Scarlett Guard, providing the more practical minded clergy certainty in the case of attack. The devout depend on the protection of Deos.


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