Reedport is a young city, the brainchild of Baron Swegan, the first ruler of the town, who started it 25 years ago. Built on wooden platforms on swampy land, it is named for the reeds that grow between the wooden walkways. The city acts as a port, sending out flat bottomed barges to ship goods from ships at the edge ot the delta it is built on. In order to steal business from Ashbay, Reedport does not charge those who ship through it for their cargos. Instead, Swegan taxes bars, inns, bunkhouses, gamblinghouses and whorehouses, with the exception of the several he owns entirely. By taxing the sailors, several captains looking to keep more profit for themselves have started using Reedport.

The city tends to be rougher than Ashbay, and Sweagan’s willingness to let vice take a free riegn.

Points of Interest

Reedport Stonewolves Chapter House — The local group of Stonewolves is headed by Torgan Ironfist. Traditionally hired by local captains to solve problems, Torgan has begun hunting the valuable Imperial bounties.

Honeyed Streets — A euphimism for the area of town where anything is for sale, but most famously themed brothels, offering a particular style, or species, or service to its clientel.

Nearby Locations

* Ashbay Eight hours ride south
* Blackwell Four days ride north.
* Hasfeld Twelve hours ride southeast.


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