Redgate is an old town of about 1000, founded by Baron Rin fifteen hundred years ago. Rin was a master wizard and he created a series of portals back to Tyr Moria, which he called the Red Gates.

His grandson, Baron Kato Redgate, was married to Rin’s son’s (Orin Redgate), star pupil, Nalia, when she came of age. Kato has ruled the city for the last two hundred and fifty years, but Nalia has been struck by several moments of wanderlust.

The town is built on a simple princple; people are there for the Baron’s protection. Anyone benefiting from the safty of the city walls is expected to pay tax, whether it is property tax, or lodging tax in a boarding house. Vagrancy laws are inforced with fines and banishment. Commerce taking place in the city benefits from the protection, and there are private markets which have a property tax. The owners of these markets charge rental for stalls. There are two markets in the city.

Kato did not study Hermetic Magic, like his father and grandfather. He is trained in Ki, and anyone who wishes to learn from him is expected to serve in the city guard as part of the payment for those lessons. The city has a small number of permenant guards, but as all of them have some level of Ki mastery, they are exceptionally effective. To round out the guard, providing more basic, mundane service, all cities who are of able body are offered a tax break if they serve four weeks of the year in the militia.

Points of Interest

Redgate Castle — This structure is relatively new, built by Rin himself 300 years ago. He wanted a seperate point of power from the academy. It is built in a Tyroc style, and stresses defensibility. It is against the back wall of the city.

Redgate Academy — The traditional point of rule of the town, twelve towers surround its walls in the centre of the city, with a taller tower rising in the centre. Inside, there are libraries, dormitories and meeting halls for Redgate trained wizards. The Academy is the traditional centre of Redgate’s economy, and charges 200 gilder a season for training. Once one is recognized as a full member, at the descretion of a master, these dues drop to 5 gilder per year to access the facilities of this mutual aid organization. The ranks are apprentice, wizard, master, and head master. Three masters answer to the head master, and each draws a salary. Any wizard instructing classes also draws a salary.

The Redgates – No one knows where Rin’s teleportation network is. It has been 800 years since there was regular traffic, and there are rumours that the city gates, made of red stone, are the silent artifacts of this previous time.

Markets – Two main markets exist in town; Torick’s Market, which mainly serves area farmers for the cost of a penny a day for a stall, and Max’s Curve, a market speciallizing in exotica produced by the mage school, and from travellers. Max’s Curve generally works off of monthly memberships for five marks. Max’s Curve has built in stalls, where Torick’s is more of an open space for rent.

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