Hasfeld is a town of about 500 people. It has a small militia, but the Hasfeld woods contain a considerable place of power. About 20 or so gifted live in this small town, sharin the site, and while there is no formal ruler, a Magocracy makes the decisions for the place.

Points of Interest

Cloven Hoof Vinyard — The makers of the exceptionally strong Cloven Hoof Wine, which generally needs to be cut with water to make it palatable. Run by Gris and Foamel, who are also the heads of the local Faeblooded cult.

Four Leaf Clover Inn — Owned by a Fae-Cultist, Yagar, but not actually owned by the Vinyard, the inn has a common room surrounded by eight rooms for rent. It has low tables with benches, and is the location of most town meetings.

Cruxic’s Tower — The local hermetic wizard has a four story stone tower, with the second floor holding his four apprentices.

Zang’s Home A large private home, belonging to the retired exorcist Zang. He lives here with the ghost of his wife, Sophia, and his students.

Scott’s Secret Silver — In the mountains near Hasfeld is Scott the Scout’s secret silver deposit. He’s been quietly mining it for years, and as it causes him to pass through Hasfeld constantly, he is considered a local, even though he lives in Ashbay.

The Standing Stones — East of the town, about an hours walk down the forest road, are a circle of 13 boulders standing in the forest. While the Faeblooded cult is the most frequent visitor to this place of power, Cruxic and his students have equal access. If Zang ever wanted to go, he would be just as welcome.

Nearby Locations

Ashbay — Twelve hours ride west
Reedport — Twelve hours ride northwest.
Myracruz — Two days rough riding south.


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