Ashbay is a large city, which has long been the primary port in the area. It’s current lord, Earl Tolas, decided not to fight the full Solarian army that showed up, more than four times his men at arms, and the navy that transported them, when they decided to make it their base of operations. They are officially his guests, and the officers have commandered the use of several inns. The soldiers are billeted in houses and warehouses when in town. The Empire has done little to limit the flow of taxes and goods, but is using the city as a staging area. They have also imposed a weapon tax, charging visitors for every foot of sharpened steel they bring into the city.

Points of Interest

Earl Tolas’s Castle — Currently hosts the top officers of the occupying Solarian army as Tolas’s guests.

Scott the Scout’s Manor — When Scott isn’t scouting, he owns a comfortable house, with a large vault of silver in the basement, which he mined in the mountains near Hasfeld.

Nearby Locations

Hasfeld— twelve hours ride east
Reedport — Eight hours ride north


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