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  • Foamel

    Foamel is part Auloniades, or pasture nymph. Her faeblood shows through her green hair. She spends her days singing to the grapes in her field, and is one of the leaders of the faeblooded in [[Hasfeld | Hasfeld]]. The old men in the village claim the …

  • Gris

    You couldn't miss that Gris is part satyr. His horns are too big. He takes [[:foamel | Foamel's]] grapes and brews them into wine so strong it could knock an orc on its ass. You probably want to cut it with some water, or dwarven beer, or something to …

  • Zang

    Zang spent his youth as an active monster hunter. He was quite sucessful, until he went up against a Vampire by the name of Lantrieth. Lantrieth managed to kill Zang's wife Sophia and took his leg, but Zang was still the victory. He retired on the …

  • Sophia

    Soophia is [[:zang | Zang's]] wife, dead twenty five years. She stays by his side, haunting his library, excited by each new book. She is an endless source of myths and mystic theory.