Viktor Montagro

Swordmaster fighting for his home


Str 5 Dex 5 Con 5 Int 2 Per 4 Wil 4
HP 59 Endurance 47 SPD 20

Attractive 4_____Adversary 4
Fast Reaction 2_____Obesession swords 2
Hard to Kill 3_____Impaired Smell 2
Nerves of Steel 3
Ambidexterous 3
Reasources 2
Essence channeling 2

Dodge 7
HW Swords 5
Notice 5
M&L Heros 5
Riding 1
Intimidation 4
Theology 1
Language Sacre 1
First Aid 1
Smooth Talking 1
Stealth 1
Blacksmithing 3
Stratagie 1
Brawling 1

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Viktor Montagro is the last surviving member of one of two ruling families of the barony. The two families had always feuded over control, but when a succubus appeared before the head of the Cassella family he siezed the chance to take the barony once and for all. The succubus went to work and quickly destroyed many of the proment members of the Montagro family. Through her demon tricks and torture she learned of a special sect of the Montagro Family, an all male group of swordsmen. In an act of over confidence the succubus used her influences to gain access to thier barraks. Inside she began her assult, but the group resisted once they became aware of the danger. In a valiant fight all the members of thier sect heldback the succubus so one swordsman, Viktor (first hier among the group), could manage to escape and head to redgate for aid.

Viktor Montagro

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