Lord General Daphne Guito

The head of the Solarian Military


Daphne Guito is a perfectionist. When she is in court, she is the perfect lady; polite, serious, and poised. It’s said when she was single, she flirted and laughed, but as that’s no longer expected of her, it is no longer in her demeanour.

She was also expected to be the Lord General, as it has been held by the highest member of House Guito since Kalis Guito took the position 150 years ago. She is a master strategist, a skilled swordswoman, a superb rider, and a paragon of military discipline.

The first black mark on her record was when her son would not pursue the family tradition. The second was when he sided against her with the magi. Now, she needs to bring him in more than any other magi, to reprove her competance.

Lord General Daphne Guito

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