Heliel Durian

The First Dissenter of Emporer Jean-Sebastian


15 years ago, Emporer Jean-Sebastian III took power. Commander Heliel Durian was a young officer, rising through the ranks in a manner that would have made his Great-great Grandfather, General Michael Durian proud. However, two years into the Lympian Civil War, Heliel grew disgusted as he came to understand what was causing the war. He very publically denounced the Emporer and his actions. He was disowned by his family, and left the Empire in disgrace, to avoid being executed for Treason.

He ended up in Hasfeld. He opened a smithy, inspite of the hand crippled in his escape from the Empire, and worked with an apprentice to do those things he couldn’t manage. He ended up marrying Samara, a local girl, and together they now have two children, Nathaniel, who is 11, and Toke, who is 8. The boys do not know they have the blood of Solarian nobility, and Samara does not know much of her husbands past.

Heliel Durian

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