A faeblooded Vinter


You couldn’t miss that Gris is part satyr. His horns are too big. He takes Foamel’s grapes and brews them into wine so strong it could knock an orc on its ass. You probably want to cut it with some water, or dwarven beer, or something to take the bite out of it. Some say he makes it through his magic, and others, mostly vinters who have seen his wine cellars, claim that he’s just a master vinter.

When not working, Gris drinks to hard, fights too much, and if it weren’t for all the nubile young fae worshipers in Hasfeld, would probalby be in a great deal of trouble with someone’s father or brother far too often. While he is not a channeler, the faeblooded community still treats him as one of their elders.


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