Rally in Vespacore

The Rise of Dissent

Threats to Hasfeld

While on the run from the Solarian Empire, Magus Maria Achus took sick. Her apprentice, Laxus Veyenne was unable to help her, but fortunately they were discovered by Pan Landcaster. The young saytr took them to Foamel in Hasfeld, who agreed to help Maria if Laxus would join them at the standing stones for a cermony in two day. Laxus agreed.

They went to the Four Leaf Clover inn, and the town buzzed with their arrival. When Toke told his father that people who “talked silly, like you” were in town, Heliel sent the boy to offer a mend to Laxus’s obvious tower sheild. Toke obligided, and when the young magi entered the smithy and saw Nathaniel working the forge, he was confused. He was more confused when a knife went to his throat and the gruff voice of the old Solarian soldier asked him why he was here.

They soon determined that they were both refugees, and that Laxus’s presence created a threat for the town, which would only be made worse if Heliel was recognized. The elders were convined, and they determined what to do. With a 100 Imperial Crown bounty on both their heads, the town decided to move cautiously. Alec Silk was hired to determine what, if any threats, followed them from Reedport. Scott the Scout was hired to determine what threats existed in Ashbay.

Returning home, Scott secured a position with Overcaptain Jerard Simone. Jerard was looking for general information on the area and threats present. He did not seem to have a specific goal, and Scott faithfully provided his services, but just happened to skim over Hasfeld.

Alec found that in Reedport, a squad led by Captain Zuriel Tisban was specifically hunting the fugitives in Hasfeld. He started spreading rumours, so that the Solarians would not know where to look.

Zang’s student Ty confronted Laxus, and asked if it was worth it to risk the whole village to avoid his persuers. Laxus felt terrible, and let Maria know he wanted to move on as soon as he had paid Foamel. Maria agreed, and spoke with Heliel, asking him if he would come with them, to ensure his family wasn’t harmed. Helial agreed, and called together a meeting of the town elders. Foamel wanted to help, and Pan agreed to represent her. Zang informed Ty he would be assisting, and Maria hired Scout and Alec on their return, to assist them in escaping the Empire, while drawing them away from Hasfeld.


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