Rally in Vespacore

Escape through Blackwell

Just as the boat Ty procurred from Myracruz arrived in the distance, the refugees from Hasfeld, huddled in Laxus Veyenne’s ward heard a group of Solarian Lancers approaching from the other direction. Scott the Scout went to check it out, and found a half squad approaching the town. Kazeem the Irredemable and Laxus went to warn the boat to avoid the town and the soldiers.

Magus Maria Achus convinced Heliel Durian that they couldn’t allow the lancers to be feed to the terrible thing in the well, so they sent Alec Silk to talk them out of going into town. Silk did not want to fight them later, so even across a language barrier, he convinced them to investigate the well, and explained they misunderstood him when he returned, as he dis not speak Solarian and the Soldiers did not speak Tyroc.

The sailors returned to the boat while Ty joined the others at the camp. When night fell, they heard the thing attack the Lancers. Two escaped, and it stopped outside their ward. It spoke with them for a while, and it agreed to spare them from harm if they could bring him Lemaya within the year. It was a woman that he had loved in life. The group agreed, and the monster went after the lancers.

While it was gone, Maria and her apprentice worked to lock the creature out of it’s well, by warding the enterance, and then creating a lock system where they stood in a completed ward, and finished an outer ward once the monster was inside. While they worked, Ty spoke to the town of ghosts trapped in the well. They explained the monster, Garrald of Blackwell had been the local butcher’s son, but when Lemaya left on a pilgrimage, in a fury he killed her family. The town hung him, but he returned form the dead and brought vengance down on them, over five years, until the town was destroyed. he never found Lemaya.

When Garrald returned, dragging trophies, Silk insulted Lemaya, and then jumped inside the completed ward. Garrald ran at it, but couldn’t break it. Laxus closed the outerward, trapping Garrald a creature of the night, between the mystic walls. The sun rose, and began to melt away at the thing’s flesh. Once it was badly injured, Kazim severed it’s head, and Maria severed it’s connection to the mortal world.

To be sure, the refugees decided to bring Lemaya to Blackwell anyways. Laxus suggested for the time being, they sail to Redgate, who traditionally had helped his distant ancestors.


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